Interior drawings

The package of interior drawings consists of:


  • Functional zoning of rooms with furniture arrangement
  • Construction plan (after receiving the cadastral or designers’ plan in DWG format)
  • Plumbing plan (after choosing tiles)
  • Plan of electrical sources with anchorages
  • Lighting plan with connections and switches
  • Ceiling plan with individual details
  • Floor plan
  • Junction wall, floor plan with tile composition
  • Wall decoration and color plan

Price of terrier drawings for spaces by area:

0-50 m² – 30eur/sq.m

51-100 m² – 27eur/sq.m

101-200 m² – 25 eur/sq.m

200-300 m² – 23eur/sq.m

300-…..- 20eur/sq.m

The deadline depends on the scope of the project and the date of advance reservation. The earlier the reservation, the faster the scheduled execution. ~3-6 weeks from the possible start day of work.

*Drawings of cabinet furniture can be ordered separately at an agreed price

Examples of interior drawings

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