An interior design consists of the following:

a detailed design, i. e. technical drawings, necessary to carry out all typesof construction work;

concept selection, i. e. design concepts for walls, covers, furniture, lighting fixtures and other accessories and materials for your home, and personal oversight of the project, i. e. visits to the location and on-site monitoring of the project work to make sure it is performed to the highest standards and according to drawings.


Detailed design:

+ interior concepts, style concepts

+ 3D models of interior spaces

+ furniture layouts

+ construction plans

+ plumbing fixture and connection schemes

+ electrical wiring diagrams

+ lighting design schemes

+ ceiling design schemes

+flooring design schemes

+tiling design schemes

+ furniture design

+ design of fireplaces and other interior elements

Selection of interior items:

+ selection of plumbing fixtures

+ selection of lighting fixtures

+ selection of wall colors and finishes

+ flooring selection

+ door selection

+ furniture selection

+ selection of accessories and other interior elements

Personal project oversight.


An interior concept is an overall style concept for the interior design project. It is presented in the form of a mood board in a pdf folder and it specifies the style in question, colours, wall finishes, furniture, lighting, etc.

3D images: modelling of the interior spaces to give customers an overall feel of the areas being designed, to ensure a more convenient arrangement of furniture and a harmonious combination of lighting solutions and colours.

A furniture layout: this layout specifies the furniture arrangement exactly as it will look upon project completion.

A construction plan is a plan which specifies the elements that will be built or removed such as walls, partitions, openings, niches and their connections.

A plumbing scheme specifies all plumbing fixtures, their types and connection methods.

An electrical wiring diagram specifies the layout of electrical system components: wall sockets, electrical outlets, TV, internet and telephone lines and their connections.

A lighting design scheme specifies the layout of all lighting zones, switch wiring diagrams and their connections.

A ceiling design scheme is a drawing indicating all surface patterns of the ceiling, its connections and technical components of the suspended ceiling.

A flooring design scheme specifies the type of the flooring, cubic spaces, and technical connection components of the flooring.

A tiling design scheme specifies the tile pattern direction, arrangement, measurements, ornament and quantities.

A furniture design includes drawings which specify furniture measurements, shapes and materials. We offer cabinet furniture design solutions for kitchens, sitting rooms, bedrooms and other spaces to bring your vision to life.

Design of fireplaces and other interior elements includes specification of the fireplace design and its measurements, concept and materials. We also offer design of staircases and other non-traditional elements.

Selection of interior items: the designer will offer materials and fabrics, furniture, lighting fixtures and other accessories that match the overall style of the interior. You will not have to worry about going to multiple stores to find the right interior items for your home – the designer will select the most suitable materials and fabrics for your interior and will purchase them only from the carefully selected points of sale. Taking account of the client’s budget, requests, needs and practical considerations is of great priority to us as well.

Personal oversight of the project: includes an on-site visit following each stage of the design project to monitor the work being performed and to make sure everything is executed according to the drawings. It also includes regular consultations for construction workers and oversight of construction work leading up to the completion of the project.